Sunday, June 5, 2016

June First Update

The Garden has been thriving this year. Warm days help that process.
We've been eating lettuce and Kale from this year's plantings for several weeks. I've already re-planted lettuce for a second crop.
Looks like broccoli and other brassicas (in the foreground) are doing real well too. All of this garden was started in the greenhouse and transplanted outside.
Big sunflower in the middle looks like it's strong, too.
And of course, the peas. Been eating them for a week. We put them on the front of the garden this year, to make grazing easier for guests.
Picked the first burpless cucumber today. Seems early, but I'm ok with that.
First lemon cucumber. These are the very definition of summer.
This year, we're growing three kind of tomatoes.
  • Chocolate cherry for the cherry tomatoes.
  • Brandywine for slicing tomatoes.
  • San Marzano for cooking.
The Chocolate cherries are the first to get ready. These will be ready to eat in a week, and I'm just now getting flowers on the others.
The Chocolate cherries are all in hanging pots. The others are all in the ground.
First zucchini. It's too small to pick today, but it'll be huge in a week. Hoping to pick it before that. 
 And I'm growing watermelons again. They're earlier this year than the cantaloupes. We'll see how they turn out.