Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall in the Garden

Just documenting the garden in the fall.

There's not a lot of sense to this post. 

Second batch of peas. Didn't know you could do a second batch of peas.

Got a happy sun-choke in among them.

And a second batch of radishes down below.
Kale was everywhere. Here there's kale among the carrots.
I've never grown leeks before. I grew these by accident. Grew them from seed. Took a long time. I lost track of them, but I think they took more than a year.
Milady, gathering the last of the outdoor tomatoes.
This is your basic artsy-fartsy shot. This tomato plant started as a weed. Pretty cool weed.
Peppermint, growing in huge pots, back behind the garage. Made a lot of peppermint tea this summer.
This is the second batch of onions. I harvested the others in two groups; pretty well cleared out this bed. But I had some that were struggling indoors. So I planted them out here. They're doing pretty well. 

The biggest hero this year was the kale.

I enjoy kale in soups and casseroles, and even in scrambled eggs. The chickens love kale in the afternoon.
Garlic is planted here.

Covered this, and pretty much the whole garden, with aged horse manure.
Kale and chard are from storebought seeds. Onion and carrots from our seeds.

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