Thursday, November 7, 2013

I wanted a record of the garden going into the off-season. With daylight savings time gone, my experience of daylight is also gone, so I took the photos at night.

This is the garlic bed. I was a little concerned about its greens' ability to withstand winter. Research says, "No problem. The greens may die off, but the garlic will grow fine."

Some came from the grocery store, some "elephant" varieties, some fancy seed garlic.

Honestly, the biggest surprise this year was the kale. Epic performance, yummy for us, for our kids, and even for the chickens.

And I hear it's winter-hardy! 
Lots of winter rye in most of the beds. Some Swiss chard in the back one as well. 

Note: The grass between the greenhouse and the garden is covered in cardboard. I'm killing it off. Going to do a project there later, either in the winter or in the spring. It will involve drainage, and eventually, it will end up covered in cedar chips. 

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