Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mid May Garden Status

The garden seems to be doing pretty well now. We're eating the lettuce and kale, and the leeks from last fall. Peas are flowering.
It's pretty well "in" now. Tomatoes are looking so much better than before.
I've decided that even when it's a warm spring and it's possible to put in the tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers early, it's probably not a good idea to. They benefit from the additional time in the greenhouse, and prefer to go into the bed mid May.
Mixing things up more than usual. Planting cucumbers and tomatoes and the occasional pepper in among the garlic (and to a lesser extent, among the leeks and onions). Looking to see how that goes.
Planted the second crop of carrots and lettuce today. Don't want to run out.
Set out a watermelon this week. That ought to be fun. Have another in a hanging pot. Will be fun to compare.
Also put out what I believe is a cantaloupe, but may be an Armenian cucumber. Fairly optimistic on these.

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