Sunday, August 7, 2016

Garlic vs Pumpkins

You know it's being an interesting summer when the garlic grows as big as the pumpkins. This is the largest pumpkin (and the largest garlic).

Other interesting obstacles: 
  • The cherry tomatoes (Chocolate Cherry) have done wonderfully well. The other tomatoes have not. The slicers, in particular (Brandywine), have done poorly: only a few flowers fruit, despite a bees nest and  hand pollination.
  • The first lettuce bolted quickly (<2 weeks) and later plantings refused to germinate. 
  • The broccoli bolted quickly as well, but the chickens enjoyed it. 
  • Watermelon kept dying. It would be just growing fine, small melons growing on it, then bang, it died (both in greenhouse and in a hanging pot outdoors).
On the other hand:
  • Peas and beans did wonderfully. 
  • Kale grew more than I planted (some re-seeding from last year's plants)! All of it thrived. 
  • Peppers grown in the greenhouse thrived (though those in the garden languished). 
  • The rest of the herbs grew pretty well, particularly spearmint & lemon balm.
  • Nasturtium grew wonderfully wherever they were!

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