Tuesday, January 24, 2017

UpCycling Chicken Feed Bags

What do you do with used chicken feed bags?

Here's what I've done.

They make excellent grocery bags. If you leave the diameter alone (as I do), then they'll be big grocery bags, but grocery bags are smaller than is completely useful anyway.

And the "fabric" is stiff enough that you can sew a box for your industrial size spools of thread.

Works pretty well.

I used a standard sewing machine, with regular needles and regular thread. I needed to be careful, particularly with hemming the top, but in the end, it worked just fine.

These are "quick & dirty" sewing, which is my specialty. I wouldn't want to sell these at the local farmer's market. But they hold groceries great. They make use of empty feed bags great. And they certainly are unique!

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