Friday, February 24, 2017

A Busy Day in the Dirt

Asparagus is doing well. Started three varieties from seeds last year. All three varieties - nearly every start - seems to be sprouting right back up this spring after dying  back last fall.

They're going into the asparagus bed outside, a little at a time. It's February: I'm nervous about putting things outside.

Seem to be doing well. Still being careful. 

Notes: Small round pots: Mary Washington. West. 
Square pots: Argentueil.  East end of that bed.. 
Large round pots: just "Asparagus." Center. 
   (From Mike the Gardener.)

Tomatoes are a couple of inches tall now.

Added some more:

* Firecracker tomatoes (determinate, slicing, reportedly yummy).
* Monster (huge slicer: a pound or two).
* Beefsteak (an "organic" slicer)

Some of the last batch of peppers are sprouting, too.

Added some peppers:

* Lemon Drop (Small, yellow, spicy). From saved seed. From TJ's seed saving.
* Felicity. (jalapeno flavor without the heat). These are a hybrid, so I'm de-hybridizing them. This is the F1 (first generation out of hybrid).
* Habanero. (yep: hot).
* Hatch peppers (I don't know: the grocery store had sold out of hatch peppers, but there were seeds remaining. I've been told that they're yummy).
* Gatherer's Gold Sweet Italian (billed as a "golden variation of the sweet Italian frying pepper")
* Anaheim (mid-size; little bit of heat; dry really well).
* Feher Ozon Paprika ("Tasty and substantial paprika-type peppers break through the tops of compact plants")

Comment: Some of these seeds came from a friend of Sue's who had too many seeds. I thought it important that I do my part to help. 

'Nother comment: the little tent things were fun to make. The tomatoes & peppers are all on warming pads, but this is still February in an un-insulated, un-heated greenhouse. So they all have tiny little personal greenhouses, too.

I also set up some grow lights for some of the starts.

Brassica starts there include Raab, purple broccoli, 4 kinds of kale, plus collards and lettuces.

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