Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Assorted Early Greenhouse Endeavors

It's foolishly early for squash, even for a greenhouse. The rule of thumb is plant them in the greenhouse two months before transplanting them out to the "real world" garden.

But what if you plan to keep them captive forever? I had to try. So I planted 5 Carnival Squash seeds from last year's squash in a hanging planter. They should be ready to transplant mid April: still too early for outside. Maybe I'll move them to a larger planter. Maybe I'll leave them in a planter all summer. We'll see.

Here's a Rosemary plant that I'm trying to start from a cutting of one of my older plants. I started this a month or two ago. Looks like it's doing well.

Did you know you can start a celery plant from the stalk of the celery you buy in the grocery store? Me neither.

This is a Trader Joe's Organic celery plant. I planted it about a week ago: I mugged my bride's vegetable crisper, and planted it immediately. It looks like it's beginning to grow already! Exciting!

I re-organized my spices a few days ago, and discovered that I didn't make nearly enough dill last year. So today I planted six dill starts (all from seeds gathered from last year's plant). We'll see how well these grow.

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