Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Ladies Get In the Christmas Mood

So the weather here has been pretty darned cold: it hasn't gotten above 40º in a couple of weeks that I’ve noticed.

And it’s been cold – real cold – at night. Last night was 12º!

We’ve put an incandescent lamp in the chickens’ coop, and have taken to leaving it on all night, at least during this cold snap.

And milady has been feeding them warm stuff in the mornings (oatmeal, leftover rice and stuff) when she breaks the ice out of their water pot in the morning. I gotta admit that sounds somewhat excessive, but she sees them as people, not farm animals, so who am I to argue?

So as long as we’re treating the chickens like people, I figured we ought help them out with getting in the Christmas spirit! I'm not sure they need it; they're still giving us 4 or so eggs a day!

We have other lights on the back porch, and those are the only Christmas lights we've put up this year.


  1. Yes, you two are taking good care of those ladies! And it sounds like they are paying for their keep!

  2. Can't let them miss out on enjoying the holidays!

    But now they have roundworm. Sigh. So they'll be out of production for a month or so, coming up.