Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hanging Plants

I've been hanging a number of plants. Some have worked better than others.

This is an Armenian cucumber. Complete fail. 
This, too, is an Armenian cucumber. It's happy as a clam at high tide.

I believe this one was a larger, healthier plant when I stuck it in the hole in the bottom of the pot.
Basil (Genovese). It looked like it was going to fail, but basil doesn't love transplanting anyway. It's turning around (literally and metaphorically). We'll see how well it does.

I just fed it with blood meal. 
Chocolate cherries. Happy! 
More chocolate cherries. More happiness.

This size pot needs a lot of watering when it has a good size tomato plant in it.
Sweet Millions. One of the two starts I bought this year. First ripe cherry tomato July first. Very, very happy. And very thirst
Tomatillo underneath. herbs above. I don't remember what the tall one upstairs is.

This doesn't take nearly as much water.

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