Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 2014: The State of the Garden

Scarlet Runner pole beans going nuts on some sunflowers.

Next year: plant the sunflowers 2 or 3 weeks earlier.
Why do they call it a Black Krim tomato if it's red? But it IS yummy. 
Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Presumably they'll be purple later.
Kind of wimpy carrots. I don't understand. Carrots were epic the last few years. This year, they're wimps.
Garlic is doing great, though. 
 Kale is going nuts. 
 Onions seem to be thriving.
Rhubarb is ready for its third harvest of the season. 
Poor sage. hidden among the dill and zucchini. 
Winter squashes are going for the gold.
As are the summer squash.

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