Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lessons Learned from the Summer of 2014

    Organic Beefsteak tomatoes
  • Maybe be less ambitious with the blog. Admit it: growing stuff is more fun than writing about growing stuff. 

  • Tomatoes: Don't grow 9 varieties next year.
    2014 Winners:

o       Chocolate Cherry (purple cherry tomatoes)
Part of the Basil Hedge
o       Sun Sugar (yellow cherry tomatoes)
o       San Marzano (indeterminate cooking tomatoes)
o       Cherokee Purple (an excellent slicing tomato)

  • Don’t get carried away with kale. (6 – 10 plants; plant spring & fall)
  • Don’t get carried away with basil.
  • It’s cool to use (some) veggies in the flower beds.
  • Stake up the sunflowers!
  • Scarlet Runner Beans.
  • Plan on arched trellises: more stable than poles.
o       Beans
o       Peas
o       Cucumbers
o       Squash
o       (Maybe grow sunflowers through the trellis? 

  • Be more intentional about
o       Carrots
o       Lettuce
o       Beets
o       Spinach

  • Do less with:
o       Corn: don’t waste the time.
o       Squash. Maybe just Hokkaido and Pattypan.
1.6 pound tomato (Brandywine)
o       Don’t bother with Armenian cucumbers: hard to grow, not real impressive results.
o       Nasturtiums: they want to take over. Plan accordingly.
o       Marigolds: specify the smaller size, and plant sparingly.

  • Change how I use the greenhouse:
o       No melons in the greenhouse (a pain to pollinate)
o       No cucumbers (a pain to pollinate)
o       Only 1 tomato plant in the greenhouse, or even better: none (they don’t need greenhouse & they take a lot of space.)
o       Peppers are good for greenhouse (easy manual pollination)
o       Starts and such are real appropriate in the greenhouse.

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