Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Garden Helpers

These are my garden helpers.

They're incredibly busy, pretty much always working outside the home, and coming back to share the wealth of their day.

It's my observation that since these guys have lived in my garden, my garden is far more productive than it used to be.

For example: my tomato harvest is pretty generous. This is about how many tomatoes I harvest from one 3' x 8' patch of tomatoes.    

This year's varieties, all heirlooms, all indeterminate:
Slicing tomatoes: Cherokee gold. Incredible flavor, modest production. I'm going to replace these with Brandywine next year: Pink, slightly more production.
Cherry tomatoes: Chocolate Cherry. Very good flavor, excellent production. I'll probably supplement these with Sun Sugar next year: yellow, prolific, and stunningly sweet. I do like cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets.
Cooking tomatoes: San Marzano: good flavor, incredible production. I'll probably use these again next year, but I might not plant them so thickly, and I'll attempt to prune them more often.

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