Monday, September 7, 2015

Upgrades to the Chicken Yard

The previous chicken fencing was working fairly well, but a couple of the chickens would regularly get out over the 40" webbing.
Comment: The Leghorn named Clueless by my niece who raised her from an egg is easily the most curious bird I've ever met. And she's one of the smartest. So much for living up to your name.
Besides, the plastic fencing was designed to be temporary. It was time for a more permanent fence. In addition, there was some territory behind the chicken yard that was pretty well lost to us, so we just incorporated it in the new chicken yard.
We replaced the green plastic held up with rebar poles with real chicken wire, held up with real 4x4 posts.
I still don't have a "real" gate: for a temporary gate, I'm just using a 60" length of the plastic fencing, turned sideways, and stretched between nails on the post and nails on the compost bit. But I've set it up so that the chickens can have access to all three bins of the compost pile, or just to the first two bins. That gives me some freedom to dump things in there without having to worry about pushing them out of the way.
Once we finished the fence, I needed to modify it so the handle to the girls' door would still work. Discovered it when I was trying to put them to bed, and needed to fix it in the dark.
Added some stepping stones in front as well.

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