Monday, March 3, 2014

Experiment in a Chicken Run

We rather enjoy raising chickens. They’re a great deal of fun, and they make interesting noises. Besides, the eggs are yummy, and the really help the compost!

But we don’t like keeping them “cooped up.” So we let them out rather a lot. As a result, we have little compost-y chicken offerings all over the back yard, and we need to constantly police them: they aren’t allowed on the back patio, or in the herb gardens, or in the vegetable garden. They do NOT police themselves! Nobody relaxes when the chickens are out.

So I had the idea of putting up a fence and making a chicken run.

First I sketched it out. Yeah, ugly, I know, but pretty good for a cell phone!

This short piece of fence reaches from the coop to the compost bin.
This longer piece of fence reaches from the other side of the coop to the fence.

This is the temporary (experimental) version of the first fence: from the coop to the compost bin.

If this works out, I imagine a gate here, next to the coop. I also imagine much better fencing, more in line with the coop's construction. 

And this is how the other side came out: Room for the door to open, which also works pretty for herding them back home after their play time.

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  1. Love your blog! It is a good journal for your garden and chickens. You would make a good farmer. I have sweet and purple potatoes that are sprouting and garlic. I should have put them in the garden yesterday when it was so nice out. Instead I was in the house deep cleaning my kitchen floor.