Sunday, March 30, 2014

Steps Into the Hill

Since we built the chicken coop up on the little rise in the back, we've been going up and down that little hill, several times a day, feeding them, letting them in and out to forage, gathering eggs. And we often go up the hill to add things to the compost pile, to gather compost, to work in the garden up there. 

And then, the rains. When it rains hard, that hill, trampled as it has been, gets unnaturally slippery. I've landed on my hindquarters more times than I care to, coming down that slope.

"Failure to plan," or so they say, "is to plan to fail."

It's my intent to provide a means of getting up and down without staining my britches unduly.

It's time for some steps. 

The next day, I added a ramp next door: for wheelbarrows and lawn mowers. I need to finish off the top of this one, and even out the stones, but I kind of like it.

I might plant some violets in the gaps between them.

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