Friday, March 28, 2014

An Experiment in Fish Fertilizer

For years, I've heard about how wonderful fish fertilizer is. I decided to try an experiment.

I bought a dollar's worth of "Feeder Fish" from the local pet store, and a little bit of fish food.

I put them in a bucket, and I intentionally did not clean out the bucket first: I wanted the algae and things in the bottom of the bucket. 
Every morning, I pull out a couple of watering cans worth of water, which the fishies have been thoughtfully fertilizing gently, and I replace it with water from the rain barrel.

It's awfully mild in any fertilizer properties, and that's probably not a problem, since I use it every day.

Besides, the fish are cute.

This summer, I plan to release them in some drainage ponds in the area: there they'll eat mosquito larvae and make us all happy!

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