Monday, March 3, 2014

A Few New Things

A few updates from Saturday.

I planted what looks like 30 starts: kale, cabbage, and Swiss chard. This tray is for giving away. Just planted these today.
This kale is mine. Several kinds. Planted a week ago.

I planted peas last weekend. They've begun to sprout. This one leads the pack.
Basil is getting its head above the dirt also.
Last fall, I planted some cauliflower starts, with the intent of letting them over-winter outside.
Winter happened too quickly. So they stayed in a pot all winter.

Also planted some tomatoes. They're too early, but I couldn't help myself.

Also began to use the compost. Mixed several shovels ful in the potting soil in the greenhouse, and a few more in the herb garden on the patio. One more around the pomegranate tree.

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