Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Planting 2015

I really enjoy snap peas, and I've always wanted to try a fall planting of them. And I had an extra shipment of sugar snap seeds. Only one thing to do: try them out.

This bed was the home of the squash was during the summer. I harvested them all and cleared the soil (leaving a lone sunflower in place). And I over-planted sugar snap peas, and covered them in compost.

A local squirrel, providing for his winter supply, decided he as willing to thin my planting for me. So I covered the seeds with cayenne pepper powder from the dollar store.

I visited the local farm stand this morning, looking for some veggies for my chickens and my compost pile, and came away with more than I could handle: seven boxes, I think. I filled one compost bin, between that and the remains of squash and sunflowers & tomato prunings.

Among the boxes of veggies were maybe a dozen heads of garlic. So I planted them, or at least the larger cloves from them, in what had been the cucumber bed this summer. I also planted maybe a dozen cloves from some wonderful elephant garlic that I just harvested a month ago.

And to round things off, I planted the rest of that bed in lettuce, two or three types, intermixed.

The weather forecast called for rain, but a total accumulation of maybe a tenth of an inch, so I watered the whole thing as well. Felt stupid with the sprinkler on in the rain, but the rain was light and only lasted five or ten minutes.

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