Saturday, September 19, 2015

Leeks & Onions

I may have set myself up for a problem here.
This is where I grew garlic last year. I harvested six or eight weeks ago, and I've let the soil just sit there since then. It appears that I didn't get all of the garlic, as I see a few starts of what appears to be more garlic.
Today, I decided it was time to get the leek and onion starts into the ground. This spot was mostly empty, and what was there was of a kind with the starts I wanted to plant, so I added the onions (top row of this picture) and leeks (bottom half of this picture) to the few garlic that's already sprouting.
So next summer, I'll have leeks, onions and garlic in the same spot. I'll have to work on distinguishing the three, I suppose. Well, that's probably a good skill to develop.

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