Sunday, March 27, 2016

A New Basil Box

My Basil Box died.
For 20 years, it's held up under the weather, and under the weight of many crops of glorious flavor. But finally, it's given up the ghost.
It was a sad day at the Red Door Green House.
But not to worry. We have a new Basil Box.
It's deeper, slightly longer, about the same width, and built stronger.
I lined it with 10 mil plastic to slow the rotting of the box itself.
Then I finished it in boiled linseed oil, as an attempt to slow down the weather's impact.
It took all the soil from the previous box, plus a very full wheelbarrow more of mature compost.
It currently has a screen arched over the top as an attempt to dissuade chickens from getting used to digging here.
As before, the tarragon is holding down the east end of the box.
But there will be basil! There will be much basil.
From the left:
  • Mammoth Basil (2013 seeds)
  • Thai Basil (2015 seeds)
  • Aromatto (purple) basil (2014 seeds)
  • Lemon Basil (2013 seeds)
The Basil Box will mostly hold the Mammoth Basil. The others are destined for pots or for friends.

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