Sunday, March 20, 2016

Starts in the Sunshine.

Over the past several days, I've gotten most of my starts into pots.
Tomatoes are an inch tall. Peppers are just sprouting. Peas and beans and cucumbers are just peeking their noses out. Lettuce and kale are approaching 2" tall, and love the sun. Dill is 1/2".
Basil and sage and a dozen other seeds haven't even broken ground yet. And some of them may not: the seeds are fairly old. I've been consulting a seed viability chart a lot recently.
Schizanthus is a trailing flower: lots of colorful little fireworks. They only germinate in total dark, but they're well past that now: that's them in the foreground.
I added some shelves along the front edge of the greenhouse: seedlings can get all the sun they can handle. (It got up to 80 degrees in the greenhouse on Saturday. Oh my.)
 Note: of all the seeds that I planted in the soil of the garden, only the lettuce seems to be germinating.

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