Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Underground Irrigation

I added underground irrigation to several beds.
The technology is pretty simple: soaker hose, buried a few inches. The upstream end has a couple of feet of regular hose for connections, and the far end has a cap. The hose has a quick-connect for hookup.
The beds:
  • The Salad Bed (Brassicas, lettuce, etc)
  • The Tomato & Peppers Bed
  • The Peas & Squash
These three are on the perimeter: when I water with the overhead sprinkler, either I turn it up enough to water the neighbor's yard as well, but it gets all my garden, or I turn it down enough to focus on my garden, and the perimeter is a little under-covered.
We've theoretically solved that concern.
In addition, I'm also covering:
  • The Herb Garden
  • The Basil Box
  • Sue's Flower Bed
And just to keep it cool, the herbs & basil can also be sourced from one of the rain barrels. Cool.
I have one wet spot in the Tomato and Peppers bed. I think I need to patch a spot in the soaker hose. Or bury it a little deeper there. I'll get there.
For now, I think this is a good start.

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