Saturday, May 18, 2013

Busy with Spring

Got a number of things done today.

Got the basil planted in the herb garden bed. Mostly the traditional stuff. A little of the purple aramatto basil.
Got an additional 12' of trellis for the Evergreen Clematis. It's already half full.
The taters are thriving in their towers. It seems that when I add 4" of dirt, they grow 5" in the next couple of days. Not the worst problem I ever had.
Got some tomatoes and melons planted in the indoor garden (great big planting bags). Still need to add some peppers.
 Planted ("up-potted") several tomatoes into their destined pots. Particularly interested in the Monster (huge fruit) and Beefsteak tomatoes.
 We have actual strawberries! I'm amazed.
And the rhubarb is going completely nuts. Harvested some today. Need to harvest a lot more.

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