Sunday, May 19, 2013

Parsley Trees Become Dried Parsley

Last year, I had an extra parsley plant; I didn't know where to plant it, but there was room next to the compost bin. "I wonder if it will like it here?" and I stuck it in the ground.

It liked it there.

This week, I harvested some Parsley trees; it was nearly four feet tall!
So we decided to dry it. Cut four stalks, and it filled (over-filled, really) seven trays in the dehydrator.
It only took about 24 hours to dry completely in the active dehydrator.

And all that, only produced about a cup of dried parsley flakes.

On the other hand, it didn't really take any work.

Notes: Also dried a load of sage, with similar results: several stalks filled five trays, but when ground to powder (I like sage as a powder), it produced less than a quarter cup of powder.

I also dried a bunch of spearmint. I wasn't impressed with dried spearmint, but then, I left it in the dehydrator too long; maybe that was part of the problem.

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