Saturday, January 11, 2014

Looks Like Spring is Confused

I was looking around and I've found a number of things that I usually associate with spring.

 This is rhubarb beginning to sprout.
These are our day lilies, over by the gate. Looks like they'll do well this year. Again. 
These are some flower bulbs - gladiolas, I think - beside the house.

You can tell that we mulched with fallen leaves this year, can't you.
The witch hazel tree is blooming before it even finishes dropping the leaves.

I don't understand witch hazel.
Garlic is happy, but that's not especially spring-worthy.
A fair bit of winter rye in the garden. Seems to be doing well also. We'll just till this in come spring. It won't propagate, but it will add nice biomass to the dirt.
And because of all the signs of spring, I needed to start some seeds. These are broccoli-raab. It's a cousin to broccoli with smaller flowers (heads) scattered around the plant.

It's not real yummy, but the chickens love it.

And it satisfied my need to plant something.

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