Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Day of Lemons

It's the middle of winter. So of course, I think about tropical fruit.

I got a bunch of past-their-prime lemons and limes from a fruit stand for cheap. They're too overpowering for smoothies. So I sliced them and now I'm drying them. I'll use 'em on fish.

That left me with a bunch of lemon seeds (the lime was, unfortunately, seedless). And what does one such as I do with unexpected seeds? Why you plant them, of course!

They say, keep 'em moist, and keep 'em warm. 
This is part of the trick for the lemon seeds: wrap 'em in bags to keep the moisture in. It's kind of a pain for watering them, but it's better than not succeeding.

I'll put a warming pad underneath later this weekend.

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