Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Turned Compost; Added Stuff

Turned the compost this weekend. Added about 75 pounds of used coffee grounds and two more large boxes of produce trimmings.

Trying to add lots of nitrogen to make up for all the carbon in here: it's mostly dried leaves from fall, and straw & sawdust from the chickens.

It's looking like it's actually composting pretty well. Looking forward to a good garden this spring.

Note to self: May need to add height to the raised beds.

Update 2/23/2014: Added another 40 or so pounds of used coffee grounds, and four or five large boxes of produce. Also added fifty banana peels (chopped fairly small) for their potassium content.

The count of red wriggler worms is pretty high, and the center of the pile was pretty warm. The top foot or so was cold and worm free, so that is now at the bottom of the pile.

I used some 2-year-old straw to fill the gaps between the slats in the pallets. It'll add to the carbon content of the compost when I next turn it, mid March.

The chickens were intensely interested. If I stepped away from the compost pile for 30 seconds, then they'd rush in and start eating worms and bugs and things!

Here's to a good growing season!

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