Saturday, February 8, 2014

Two [now Three] Small Upgrades to the Coop

It was a sunny and cold day today. It seemed like the right time to add a couple upgrades to the coop that I've been wanting to add.

First: a shelf in the unused space above their roosts to hold their food. One bin for chicken food (that's the blue one), and one for chicken scratch.

I was also concerned about the south side of the coop: that's where all the storms come from, and it was wide open, so it got really wet on those very common rainy days.

So I just sealed up the south side, or most of it.

We'll see how well this works. If I need to add more later, we can do that!

The ladies don't seem overwhelmed so far.

UPDATE 2/23/2014: Added a partial wall to the west side of the coop.

The shelf board was veneer over particle board, and the rain was not doing it any favors. Besides, there's no need for rain to get to the feed or the scratch. So I buttoned up the end.

Needed top make sure the boards were level. Did you know you can do anything with a phone nowadays?

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