Monday, February 24, 2014

A Variety of Early Starts

Red Onion. This has been trying for 3 weeks. Not sure these are going to make it.
This is one of my favorites. I had a bunch of seeds strewn about my potting bench. So I swept them up and planted them. The tall, grass-looking things are oats, which I plant for cat-grass.

I wonder if that little guy on the left may be a pepper? It would be from harvested seeds.
I'm going to try to gros asparagus. Planted two pots, and put them on the warming tray. They're supposed to take 3 weeks to germinate, which I count as mid-March before I see them.

Instructions said to plant them 8-10 weeks before planting outside.
I'm working on sprouting some harvested lemon seeds. I know it's not practical, and I'm ignoring that fact. I'd like to have a lemon tree.

These don't look too successful. Planted, kept moist, covered, and on the warming tray. 
This one looks like it might be a lemon sprout. I've got it in a bag, on top of another heating tray, with plenty of moisture inside, and under a grow lamp.

If this doesn't grow, it's not my fault.
Celery, from a stalk. I'm afraid that several of these haven't survived recently. I suspect it's been because of over-watering, but since they grow fine in a glass of water, that doesn't make sense. Maybe it's been the cold.

I'm watering this sparingly, and it's on a heating tray. 
This is a cutting from last year's sweet potato plant. It's not dead yet (which surprises me!), so I planted it in dirt, and put it on the warming tray.

We'll see. 
I planted a bunch of kale seeds last weekend. The smooth kale is sprouting; the curly kale is not yet sprouting.

But growth is growth, so I moved 'em off the shelf and under one of the grow lights.
Fairly often, I've planted the peas outdoors too early. I figured, I've got lots of seeds this year; I'll try some starts.

I have 24 small pots, each with two seeds. We'll see how these do this year. Planted them last weekend.

I've got two pots of basil going. This one is in the window in the back bedroom, and it seems to be sprouting.

The other is hanging over one of the warming trays. It is just thinking about sprouting so far. Probably in the next few days, some of those will stick their noses above the soil.

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