Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Survivers: These Are Making It Through the Winter!

A whole pot full of salad.
Some overly mature broccoli and cauliflower.

Six pots.

Left row, top to bottom: Sage, mint (I think it's peppermint), and some Swiss chard that suddenly took a nap.

Right row, top to bottom: This lemon grass died; lavender, and the olive tree.
Top row: some very early broccoli starts.
Bottom row: onions. I think these are white onions.
This one is peppermint. Maybe even chocolate peppermint.

Don't know what this one is. It's Milady's, and she considers it precious, so it still lives. . .

This lemon grass has been kept closer to the heat, and has survived. This one got started when I planted some lemon grass that I bought for a couple of bucks at the Asian grocery store.

Purple Potatoes. These potatoes, from last year's harvest, were sprouting, and I happened to have a large container and some dirt, so I planted them. They thrived for a while, and then they started dying back. It may have been a freeze, or (more likely) I over-watered them.

I'm not sure my pineapple will survive. I think it might have been the cold. The center leaves of the baby pineapple have died.

We'll let it keep growing, and we'll see.

This is a lost little onion and some sort of a brassica, maybe broccoli or kale. They just refused to die, so I kept watering them. They'll go out in the garden come April or so.

This is an aloe vera plant that I was given last July. I left it out through the first freeze and most of it died, but one of the leaves decided it wasn't done, and started a whole new plant out of that one leaf. I'm kind of impressed.

Behind it is the second surviving lemon grass.

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