Friday, August 23, 2013


Note to self. When you spend the evening cutting and grilling ten pounds (!) of peppers, do not then rub that tender place on your cheek, or wipe your eyes, until after you have carefully scrubbed your hands. Repeatedly. Use nitrile gloves next time!

The peppers, now well roasted, went into the dehydrators.  24 hours later (active dehydrators), we ground them into powder.
Some mild ones: bell peppers and Anaheim. The other batch is made up of serrano, poblano and jalapeƱo. Got some oregano done while we were at it. 

Might consider a respirator for the grinding process next time.  

Good spices.

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  1. Have you harvested your sw potatoes yet? Mine are growing really well but I have not dug any yet. I did harvest my garlic but they are not as big as my neighbors,he gave me the originals. Then he told me that his spot where he planted them is really fertile because that is where he cleans the fish he catches so it has all the fish guts and stuff in the soil there. His are quite a bit larger than mine. I've had a lot of tomatoes and some zucchini and cukes. I have several Hubbard winter squash that are getting several inches long. I hope they get big like the ones my mom use to grow. I like reading your blog! You're a hoot! Miss you!