Monday, August 5, 2013

A Few Fruits

Been running so fast, haven't had much time to post.

Peppers are coming in. This monster red pepper came from a tiny little pepper plant. But it poured its heart into this one, epic pepper. 
Begun the tater harvest. I realized a mistake I made in planting, but not until after planting: I needed to let the seed taters actually sprout before planting. I planted taters too fast.

This is 2 of 5 tater towers (plus another pot), so maybe a third of the tater harvest. I hope the others do better.
This is an awesome year for squashes! This was a little more than one day's harvest.

The orange things are a Japanese pumpkin (and a yummy one!) that we discovered in Germany. We've barbecued (like zucchini) slices when they're young. Probably steam or bake the more mature ones.

And zukes, pattypan, yellow crookneck. Also a couple of tiny orange peppers.

I already reported on the garlic & onion harvest. I'll be harvesting the red onions soon. And I'll have to take pictures of the kale trees soon. 

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