Sunday, August 18, 2013

Special Ed Chicken

This is a special ed chicken.

Her name used to be "Lady Lazarus" because she was literally raised from the dead. She and her sisters had died from a cold snap when they were tiny chicks. The girl raising them brought this one back from the great chicken coop in the sky.

So her name is still Lazzie, but we have dubbed her Dingus. She is something special.

She won't fly up to the perches just over her head. We know that she can because she regularly flew over the 4' high fence around their play yard. But she won't. We suspect that she may be insecure: she is the last one to try new things.

So I made her a special perch, only a foot off the floor. But she won't even get up on this tiny little thing. I have to put her up here every night, and she squawks and fusses when her feet are off the ground. (Her sisters love to be picked up and petted.)

We think that when she was dead, she must have sustained some damage to her little pea brain.

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