Sunday, July 7, 2013

Harvesting Garlic & Onions

I've never actually harvested garlic before. I'm kind of impressed. Last fall, I bought a handful of cloves at the grocery store & stuck them in the ground. Look at what came out of that!

I may have to be more intentional this year.

And my beloved brought some onion starts back from a garden show. The sweet onion starts were smaller than a single, good-sized onion in the harvest. This is about 80% of them. Some wanted to grow a bit longer.

Need to not plant them quite so tightly next year.

I had some green onions started in another part of the garden, all bunched together. So I transplanted them and spaced them better.

I think these will be white onions.

The red onions don't appear to be as ready for harvest, though I may need to do something to keep the squashes from overtaking them.

I'm going to guess another month for these guys, even though they were planted the same day as the sweet onions.

And of course, the cycle starts all over again.

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