Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mid July Artsy Shots

Nasturtiums growing as weeds among the squash. This is actually over the path between the beds. They're going nuts.
These are here to attract bees and butterflies. Don't remember their names, but they work. Bee Balm?
I think this is a kind of chrysanthemum. It's being taken over by a Japanese pumpkin.
This is my very first head of cauliflower. I think I harvested it too soon. But it's yummy.
The chickens live here. They're very amusing.
This is a clematis. It, too, is trying to take over the world. Heaven help us when it meets the pumpkins.
Day Lillies.
More Day Lillies.
I think Dill is beautiful. And yummy.
The neighbor's big tree came down, and now the squirrels have had to find another home.
This is the first time we've actually had hazelnuts ripen on our hazelnut tree.
Huckleberries. Yumm.
Jalapeno peppers.
I think Kale is beautiful.
This is the biggest bell pepper I've ever grown. Certainly one of the biggest I've ever seen.
Got a couple of sweet peas in with the edible peas.
Patty Pan. With more wild sweet peas.

This is a "red" sunflower. It's actually orange, but it's really pretty.

This is an awesome sunflower.
Some of my sweetheart's roses. They're beautiful. Like she is.
These tomatoes started as a weed. But they appear to be SunSugar tomatoes: her favorites.
They're keeping watch over the worm bin.
The Japanese pumpkins - the seeds of which came from Germany - are taking over the world.
And apparently they're taking over the neighbor's garden, too. Or at least his fence.
"You can't grow sweet potatoes in western Washington." Pfaugh.
The zucchini may take over the world by sheer population growth. Harvested five just today.

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