Sunday, July 28, 2013

Smudge Pot for Skeeters

I'm a writer, so (not surprisingly), I spend a fair bit of time writing.

I'm also an outdoorsman, so (also not surprisingly), I spend a fair bit of time outdoors.

And I often combine the two: I spend quite a lot of time outdoors, writing. The picnic table is an ideal place for writing. Except for one detail.

There is a drainage pond not far away, and therefore, when the sun goes down, the mosquitoes come roaring out of the shadows, intent on blood.

I've noticed that when I have my pipe lit up, the mosquitoes are kept at bay. But that's not the reason I want to smoke a pipe, and frankly, I don't want to smoke a pipe every time I'm writing at the picnic table.

So I created a little gizmo to smoke the pipe for me. Deep in a hanging planter pot is an oil lamp (with citronella oil). Above it is a small grille with a tiny metal pot, and I load the pot with pipe tobacco.

It's not a magic wand. And it works better when it's on the table nearby, rather than hanging over there from the ceiling. But it certainly is interesting. And it certainly does help!

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