Monday, July 8, 2013

Making Peppermint tea

I've been hoarding peppermint plants for just this occasion. It's time to make peppermint tea.

I learned (with some surprise) how well my hoarding had gone. I had two pots of peppermint from seed, three more from transplanting, and of course, the great mass of it in the ground.

Step one: Pick a lot of leaves.

Yeah, I know this is spearmint. But the process is the same.Step two: Dry the leaves in a dehydrator. I've decided that I like the passive dehydrators for delicate things like peppermint leaves. The active one is still best for bigger things like apples, bananas and tomatoes.

Step three: grind the dried leaves to small flakes. I use a cheap ($5.00) food processor. It works fine for flakes, but wouldn't make powder.

Step four: put it in a baggie and deliver to someone who loves peppermint tea. Convince them that No, this is not a recently-semi-legalized recreational substance. This one has always been legal.

Step five: add to boiling water, and enjoy the best peppermint tea you've ever had.

The end.


  1. Can I have a peppermint plant for next year since you have a great abundance of them?

  2. I suspect we can work out a deal! The real trick will be to get them TO you!