Saturday, July 13, 2013

Experiments in Hanging Stuff

Experiment 1: Catnip at the Picnic Table.
We've had more mosquitoes than we like. Catnip is rumored to scare bugs off, so I've hung catnip near the table.
We'll see how it works.
Experiment 2: Hanging Tomato.
We have quite a number of tomatoes in regular pots, some of which are suspended from above.
I've been told that if you want to hang tomatoes, you really need to do it this way: with the plant itself upside down, hanging from the bottom of the pot.
It looks weird. But it looks like it might work.
This tomato is actually just a weed. It started growing as a volunteer among the Onion starts in the greenhouse. I didn't want to throw it away, so we built it into this.
They say it's good to plant a "shallow root" plat on top; herbs are a good choice. We were out of cilantro, so that's what went in the top.

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