Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adventures in Dehydrating

Apples (I like Fuji best), basil, garlic (to be roasted first), red onions, & bananas.

Basil, roasted garlic & red onions will be ground into spice (oh my goodness!).

Apples and bananas will be snacks.
Strawberries work pretty well, too, but they're not an exceptional dried snack: very tasty, but they feel funny in the mouth. Next time, I might mix them with rhubarb and dry the sauce into fruit leather. 
Apples. These are Honeycrisp. Some people spritz them with lemon juice to keep them from browning; I don't notice a flavor difference. Superb snack: crunchy and sweet.
I've never dried pitted fruit successfully before. Nectarines are way easier than cling peaches!). These are pretty good!
Dried a bunch of Thai chilies. Threw in some other red chilies, too. They aren't as hot, but that's actually a good thing.
And then we grind 'em. I have a couple of coffee grinders that I use for herbs & spices. One has a bowl that comes out and is dishwasher safe.
This is what the powder looks like. Looks pretty innocent, doesn't it? don't you believe it!

Really yummy. Rip-your-face-off hot!

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