Monday, September 9, 2013

Homemade Vanilla Extract

I learned from a friend about how to make my own vanilla extract. Since she's a world class cook and hostess, I took her seriously: she makes yummy desserts with this!

The instructions are simple:
  1. Buy a fifth of vodka (cheap vodka will do; all it's doing is preserving and delivering the vanilla flavor. (I soaked the label off: it looks better.)
  2. Add four or five vanilla beans. 
  3. Wait three or four months. 
This is one month old, now. It should be ready around Thanksgiving. 750 ml of good real vanilla extract for $18.00 (if you get your vanilla beans at the Food Co-op in town).

I'm making lots of ice cream recently, and that's using a lot of vanilla. I like this!

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