Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Harvest Into the Dehydrators

I decided to dehydrate some of the root veggies.

These are our epic carrots. We grew yellow carrots this year. Decided to shred some & dehydrate 'em.

These are your basic potatoes.

The method: wash 'em, julienne them (thank you, Cuisinart!), blanch 'em (boil 'em for 2 minutes), spread 'em on paper towel in the dehydrator.

Note: I varied the paper towels: one had a vent hole in the middle; the next had vent space around the paper towel.

I grew a bunch of purple potatoes this year. They are making pretty interesting shreddies.


I did some sweet potatoes at the same time.

And I did one pumpkin (Japanese pumpkin, from German seeds).

These are going to make some awfully good soup!

All three dehydrators are full. It makes me happy.

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  1. Did you get sweet potatoes from the plants you gave me some of? I have beautiful vines that out of the box I planted them in. I dug one end of the box last week and did not find any potatoes. The box is about 2X4-5" & 15-18" tall in my greenhouse. Lots of blooms and roots. I'll finish digging it soon. I got about 10 fair size Purple potatoes (fist size)and a lot of smaller ones. The skins are tougher than expected and kind of crusty feeling. I have them drying right now. I'm given away a lot of tomatoes. The plum-Roma tomatoes are turning red and I'll have quite a few of them. I planted Hubbard squash and have a few that are getting big, they usually grow as big as a long/old fashioned watermellon. I need to google about how to store them. My parents ate on them all winter. Your garden is looking good!