Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recording Assorted Starts

Left to right:
Thyme ("Mother of Thyme")
Peppers ("Hatch peppers")
Wild Garlic (from Ireland)
Lots of marigolds
   (for pest control in the garden, later)
The first batch of schizanthus flowers seems to have started. These have to start in the dark, but are not covered by soil. Kind of tricky in a greenhouse.

And I planted a whole envelope of perennial wildflowers. It's a 2012 package, so we'll see if anything actually comes up.

Here's a bunch of tomatillas:

Assorted cucumbers: slicing, burpless, lemon & Armenian:

Assorted starts: German pumpkins are doing well. Sage is just poking its head out. Trying some hatch peppers again (none started last year) and some wild irises (not sure they're stratified yet: encountered a winter).

Sage is getting going, so I started some more. Thinking I'll spread it around the garden. It's supposed to make things do well.

Here's a row of Roma tomatoes (top) and bunches of peppers:

Asparagus, from seeds:

We grew some purple tomatoes last
year ("Black Krim"). They were fantastic: flavorful, juicy, and strikingly beautiful!  These are a whole load of purple tomatoes, including cherry tomatoes ("chocolate cherry").  

And these are assorted red tomatoes. I'm particularly excited about "Giant" (up to 1 pound tomatoes!) and the "San Marzano" (indeterminate sauce tomatoes, like the [determinate] "Roma"):

We can't have summer without basil:

Several varieties of basil (and some "assorted herbs" from an advertising event):

And I've just up-potted some of the squashes. The two on the left are German pumpkins; the top right is carnival squash. I don't know what the bigger one is; it's a volunteer.

(Also in this pic: catnip at the top, "Dukat" dill, left & right of the big one, and a "chocolate cherry" right next to it.)

And last, but definitely not least, I kept a chunk of sweet potato vine ("Georgia Jets") last fall when I harvested the sweet 'taters. I stuck it in water, and then in dirt, and it's growing! How cool is that!

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