Thursday, April 10, 2014

The State of the Garden

It's getting to be Spring! But there's a whole bunch of life left over from the winter. I'm limited in what I can plant and where.

Lots and lots of garlic.

The kale was off-the-charts incredibly successful! I have more when the snow is gone than I did when winter first came upon the garden. Now they're trying to go to seed.

I'm pulling these as I eat 'em. Got some kale starts planted in front. 
I tossed some onion starts into the dirt where I'd harvested onions before. They are trying to go to seed.

By the end of the week, I'd left a couple to go to seed and pulled all the rest out. 
Raspberries, of course, are cool.

I pulled out loads of dead stalks: business as usual for raspberries.

Rhubarb is starting nicely. I'm looking forward to some really good rhubarb goodies this year!

And I've got a couple of things started outdoors. (I've already discussed the Pea Patch.)

This is the beginning of the salad garden. There's garlic on the end, and a row of carrots (top row) and mesclun [lettuce blend] (second row).

And the gutter is getting started.

Milady is experimenting with what appear to be some flowers.
Both ends of the gutter are planted with radishes; they're sprouting nicely.
In between, I just planted some mustard greens. Never done much with those before.

And I've put out my first pumpkins. The greenhouse is getting over crowded, and the weather looks to be awfully nice for a week. Maybe we're done freezing. Besides, I have more starts.

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