Thursday, April 17, 2014

Waay Too Early to Transplant.

Yep. It's waay too early to put frost-sensitive plants out.

No pumpkins (like these). No tomatoes (like in the next bed). None of that sort of thing. They'll die.

Well, I did it anyway.

Partly: I have more starts than I need. I can risk a few in an experiment. (What? Me experiment?)

Partly: It's been an awfully mild spring, and they suggest a warm summer. Let's give a shot for an early start.

Partly: They'll be covered in tiny cold frames: milk jugs or 2 liter pop bottles, with the bottoms cut out. If we get another night down to zero, they're all dead, but if it just barely drops below freezing, they should do fine. So I'm testing the milk jug cold frames, too.

And partly, I just have difficulty not trying to stretch the rules.

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