Monday, June 24, 2013

Dealing with Rain (Barrels)

It's been dry for a couple of weeks, so the rain barrel that I use for the herb garden was getting low. So of course, the weather nerds call for rain. I'd better hurry.

I raised the rain barrel 13", so that the top valve on the side is even with the output on the downspout bypass. That means that the same hose can be both input and overflow simultaneously.

I also replaced both other valves, reinforcing them with the new design, and with marine grade epoxy. Also added quick disconnects to the bottom valve (which we'll be using for plants) and a hose storage device.

The plan is to add some more rain barrels to other gutters later in the season

Turns out that this was just in time. After most of a day of fiddling and pretending, the heavens opened, the waters poured forth, and the rain barrel was filled in minutes.

I was sure glad to have it buttoned up by then!

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