Monday, June 3, 2013

Dehydrating Roasted Garlic

I have the best smelling greenhouse in the world. Fifteen heads. Peeled. Roasted. Now we're dehydrating; might take a week. Then we'll grind it into powder and put on the spices shelf.

This stuff is amaazing!


Here's how:

Someone asked if I peeled the garlic, or if I roasted unpeeled garlic. About 90% of them were peeled beforehand in kind of a peeling party. The last 10% were not peeled beforehand, as an experiment, and because I was tired of peeling!

I roasted the two batches separately. I've grown used to roasting veggies in a cast iron skillet in a gas barbecue, so that's how I did these: in a cast iron skillet in a gas barbecue.  Medium heat gave us about 400 degrees inside the barbecue. I stirred them every few minutes. A few got extra dark, but that's not a big concern.

Besides I was grilling dinner, so the barbecue was easy.

The peeled ones had nearly no peels, of course. The un-peeled ones were actually much easier to peel after roasting than before, but weren't as clean, and they tended to burn easier.

They all dehydrated equally well. Took about 2 days in a active dehydrator, with a fan; probably would have taken a week in a passive one. I ground them all this morning in the coffee grinder that I use only for herbs & spices.

Two and a half trays made almost a cup and a half of rich, brown, roasted garlic powder.

I will give a bunch to my kids. The remainder will last us through the end of the year, at least.


  1. I'm going to try this with my garlic. I haven't harvested it yet but the leaves are getting brown and falling over. Should to that soon I suppose! i may try looking at one with the pitch fork. My cherry tomatoes are out doing themselves. I should have plenty and some to share with church friends and neighbors.

  2. Interesting. I harvested my garlic a month ago (I planted in late September?) but my tomatoes are kind of mediocre in their production. My red onions may be ready for harvesting by the end of July, but I harvested the sweet onions two weeks ago, and they were planted on the same day. Hmm.