Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lemon Grass Experiments

I like lemon grass. I want to learn more about how to make the best of it.

The Farmer's Market was completely devoid of lemongrass starts. And I've completely failed at getting it started from seed (so far). I needed another solution.

While I was trying to find lemon grass starts at the Farmer's Market, completely befuddling the guys at the herb starts booths, a little Asian lady interjected: buy some lemon grass at an Asian Foods store and stick it in water.

OK. These came from Capitol Market on the west side. I'm not sure I have a lot of confidence in this one. If they grow well, wahoo! But it wouldn't surprise me if they don't make it. 

This live one came from Bark & Garden, and I've already up-potted it (it came in a quart pot).

I'm pretty sure they grew them from seeds. They're pretty small, and it may take a while to turn into something usable.

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