Friday, June 7, 2013

Things That Are Bearing Fruit Already

Got some things beginning to bear some fruit.

These are pattypan squash.
Broccoli. Small head, but looks yummy.
Cat grass. I don't think it will flower into actual cats, though.
Lemon cucumber. 
Sugar snap peas. This is going to be a pretty good size harvest!
First sunflower. It's small, but it's beautiful.
(And I like the purple things behind it.)

I've harvested basil six or ten times. This came from starts from Trader Joe's produce department: they're famous for not growing well, but these look pretty good.
I've got four successful dill plantings, all multiple plants. Getting the yummy flowers on one. This will be dried for fish.
Got tomatoes showing up on five or six plants. These look like Roma. Several of the mystery tomatoes (that started as weeds!) are fruiting. And several of the hybrid Sun Sugar, from last year's seeds (these may be interesting this year, given that they're from a hybrid) are fruiting

We have peppers on the bell pepper plants. Three peppers are showing so far.

The herb garden (yeah, the one that I thought might be dead... that one!) is thriving. I've harvested spearmint and sage, twice each.
This isn't harvestable yet, by any means. But it needs to be documented in this garden journal, and besides, it's exciting.

This is wormwood. The fact that it's unusual is sufficient reason to grow it. The fact that it's used in absinthe, and I have a friend who makes absinthe is reason to grow it. The fact that it kills bugs in the garden is reason to grow it. 

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