Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cold Frame for Tomatoes and Cucumbers

My neighbor is enclosing part of his raised beds for his tomatoes and cucumbers. I realized that yes, these do grow better if they're in the greenhouse than if they're out in the cold and weather.

I decided to try the same. First I put up a couple of sticks (I used zip ties) on top of the trellis to make a very rough frame for the cold frame.
Then I bought a roll of 10' wide 3.5 mil "clear" plastic. (It doesn't look all that clear to me!)

I cut off about 12' of the roll, draped it over the trellis, down past the raised beds to protect the plants.
The ends are partly open: I'm not trying to make a complete greenhouse.

We'll see how this turns out!

I observe that NOAA is forecasting a 42 degree night tonight. This will probably help them tonight.

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